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Sky Smile Program

  • The Sky Smile Program, operated by the airline Myanmar Airways International & Mingalar is a loyalty program for MAI & Mingalar passengers.
  • Members of the Program are credited with miles based on the flights they fly with our airlines. The miles are credited by predefined rates and terms and conditions, and the limitations presented in this program.
  • Sky Smile Program membership is open to any individual older than 12 years, provided that the person fulfills all of the membership requirements and is not explicitly prohibited by the legislation to join such membership program.
  • Any applicant interested in joining Sky Smile Program is required to complete Sky Smile Program membership form available at or , which shall be considered to constitute a valid application. The person shall confirm that he is acquainted with the Terms & Conditions of the Program and agrees to abide by them.
  • Membership is free; to keep the membership active, newly registered members need to fly at least once within the first six (6) months – if this no activity is recorded, then membership shall be automatically terminated.
  • Membership takes effect immediately once the Sky Smile Program membership number is issued by the airlines.
  • Membership is not open to legal persons or other groups or associations.
  • Only one Sky Smile Program is allowed per member.
  • In case of loss, members can reissue their electronic member cards with the penalty fee of USD 20.
  • The validity of the program is divided into two parts, one for the Membership Tier and Award Mileage
    • Membership Tier Points: Validity is two (2) years based on an accumulated basis.
    • Award Mileage: Validity is two (2) years but on a rolling basis, based on actual accruals/redemptions.
  • The exercise of rights connected with Sky Smile membership can be transferred from Sky Smile member to another person. Sky Smile Program members have the right to Sky Smile program benefits only after their details are recorded on the Sky Smile database.
  • Any requests for an upgrade to any tiers by members will be strictly not entertained if the set criteria are adhered.

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