Domestic Group Booking Terms & Conditions

Domestic Group Booking Terms & Conditions

1.Group Size

1.Minimum 16pax

2.Group Fare

1.Group fare will be provided as Ad-hoc basis.

2.1 Payment Terms & Conditions

1.50% deposit for booking confirmation (non-refundable).

3.Others Terms & Conditions

1.Valid on 8M / K7 operated flights only.

2.Non-Transferable / Non-Refundable.

3.Name/Date Change _ NOT allowed.

4.Reservation Booking Process

1.The final group passenger must have 90% utilization on the GV fare.

2.Final name lists must be provided to the group booking team 14 days ahead of travel departure.

3.All tickets must be booked by group booking section and issued by group booking team or agent.

4.Group confirmation and fares may vary subject to seat availability.

5.Fuel Surcharge is subject to change depending on aviation practice.

6.Third-party taxes may vary based on airport authority changes.

7.Void is not allowed.