Regulations onboard

For your safety – please study the safety card in your front seat pocket and locate the closest emergency exits near you. Be sure to keep your seat belt securely fastened during takeoff and landing, and at all times while seated. For safety reasons, passengers are asked to refrain from sleeping on the aircraft floor and unnecessary walk during the flight. Sleeping passengers may be injured during unexpected turbulence, unless firmly restrained by their seat belt. After landing, please remain in your seat, with your seat belt fastened, until the aircraft has come to a complete stop and the “fasten seat belt” sign has been switched off.

Electronic devices

  1. Prohibited devices on board at all times for your safety, portable electronic devices such as radio transmitters, walkie-talkies, portable radio-control toys, radios television receivers, citizen band radios, pagers, electronic toys and wireless devices (Mouse, Bluetooth, etc.), must be switched off once the aircraft doors have closed and shall not be used on board during the entire flight.
  2. Acceptable devices on board during flight devices which do not emit radio signals including portable video equipment, laptops or portable PCs without printers, cassettes/ CD/ DVD/ mini disc/ mp3 players (used with headphones only), electronic games, electronic calculators and electronic shavers may only be used 15 minutes after takeoff until the seat belt sign is switched on again before landing. Flight mode capable mobile phones and portable digital assistants (PDAs), can be used in the same flight phase as the devices above when in “flight mode”.
    However, use of any portable device suspected of interfering with flight operation shall be prohibited.
  3. Acceptable devices on board for entire flight hearing aids, heart pacemakers, electronic watches and authorized in-flight equipment are allowed during the flight.

Beverages on board

 Alcoholic drinks will not be served to passengers aged under 18 years. Cabin attendants reserve the right to decline serving alcohol to who appear intoxicated. Consumption of personal alcoholic drinks is prohibited on board at any time.


Smoking is not permitted by law on all Mingalar flights.
The regulations have been implemented for passenger safety. In accordance with air Mingalar’s air traffic policy and procedures. Mingalar’s flight attendants follow specific measures that strictly comply with safety regulations set by the civil aviation board to secure the safety of aircraft, passengers and airline property.